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Michiko and Hana have the same mysterious tattoo on their stomachs which is a gang sign and Hiroshi Morenos have it too on his right arm. As Asta collapses, Yami catches him and compliments him on a job well done. Yami then gives Asta to Finral, and heads over to Dante to seal him with a spell.

  • Meanwhile at the castle, Natsu’s group manage to find Lucy and Yukino’s cell and melt the bars, freeing them.
  • Like the best romantic comedies of error,Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kunthrives on misunderstanding.
  • Humanity’s last hope, “Carpe Diem”, was formed, made up of people who refused to abandon the world.
  • Sasuke moved to finish her off as Sakura Haruno arrived after knocking out her group and declared she would defect from Konoha to follow him.

Dante then thanks Yami since he is now jealous of Yami for having so many people with unique magic around him. Dante also says that all of Yami’s arcane mages now belong to him. Yami wonders what Dante is talking about since he let those guys in the Black Bulls because he liked them. Yami then condenses his Mana Zone, so when Dante attacks Yami from behind, Yami slashes Dante with Dark Cloaked Iai Slash and says that he will not give up a single one of them to a guy like Dante. In the aftermath of the most devastating conflict mankind had ever experienced, the tiny island of Shikotan became part of the Sakhalin Oblast…

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Blood and gore galore await those who sit through its episodes, in which schoolgirl heroine Yuri Honjō finds herself on the run from mysterious masked killers across a labyrinthine world of skyscrapers. Her terrors are the audience’s as we watch her navigate and deduce her situation, dispatching her enemies and finding allies along the way. The historic and the supernatural collide in this epic anime about a high-school girl, Kagome, who is flung hundreds of years into the past only to meet a half-demon, Inuyasha. Their misadventures take them across Japan, collecting shards of a magic jewel as the nascent country’s chaotic Sengoku period rages.

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He admits being French like his grandfather, but apparently lives in Japan. At one occasion, Lupin claimed to have taken his first bath in the River Seine. Inspector Zenigata often calls him Japanese, at one point a “Japanese womanizing cheapskate” and Lupin himself once called himself “half-Japanese, half-French”.

Erza quickly pushes her out of the way but gets her leg trapped under the rubble as a result. When asked why, Erza states that she remembers Kagura, and that she was from Rosemary Village, just like her and Simon. Kagura recounts how, years ago, Erza saved her from getting caught by the followers of Zeref, bringing her to tears. Erza states Simon often talked about her and that she’d always hoped she was alright.

The next day, Takumi tells Itsuki about the meeting with Ryosuke. Kyoichi questions why Takumi wants to face him in the same car, echoing his previous statement that he would only race him if he got a proper car. Takumi tells him that he respects his car, and Kyoichi agrees to race him, telling him that this will be their real battle. Kyoichi again gives Takumi the lead from the start, handicapping himself to give him chance.

As a worried Lucy looks over her future counterpart, she suddenly wakes up and begins wondering where she is. Wendy asks her why she came to the past, to which she states that she did so to change the worst possible future, alarming the Mages. On her throne, Princess Hisui states she was told that a herd of 10,000 Dragons was coming. While Darton questions it, Hisui states that the results of the Grand Magic Games will guide her. Gajeel tells the Sabertooth Mage that he should give up since, he couldn’t defeat Natsu. In response, Rogue tells Gajeel that he isn’t as powerful as Natsu.